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H.G.'s voice still hangs in there

Remember that voice? There's just no mistaking it.

H.G.'s World Commentaries:
  9/11 Commentaries  
  Last aired commentary - Pat Tillman - 4/26/2004  
  Memorial Day 2003  
  AZ National Guard Family Assistance Fund  
  H.G. and Christmas Carols  
  Veteran's Day 2003  
  H.G. opens the email bag  
  H.G. studies a new class at ASU  

Wit and Wisdom - a few gems
  Love in the new millenium  
  Romance and truck tires  
  Stuesday Traffic  
  Dueling H.G.s  
  H.G.'s sexy traffic  
  H.G. goes ballistiak  

H.G. in France:
  The Moulin Rouge in Paris  

H.G. touched many lives in many ways. Do you have memories of H.G. that you would like to share with other friends and fans? Help us make this website a tribute to H.G. Send your pictures, thoughts, or memories of H.G. to memories@hgsworld.com and we will include them here. Your ideas for other features to add to H.G.'s World are also welcome.

H.G. never cared much for charity, but helping people out, now that's a different story. The Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund was one of his favorite ways to help out those who are helping us. In H.G.'s words 'My fellow Americans, this is not charity, it's troop support, as I see it ...'
To show your support send donations to:
Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund
5636 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85008
602 267-2731
Hear H.G.'s commentary from 3/2/2004

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