H.G. Listiak - Memories and thoughts from friends and fans
I still miss him, too. Especially today.
Wishing you lots of love, as I see it!
Brian Egan

I was scanning some old photos today and came across this photo of H.G. working at a KMLE event (I believe in 2000 at a car lot in Phoenix.) It was unusual to be able to work with H.G. in this capacity, but he was by far one of my favorite people to work with at KMLE events. He was fun and genuinely a nice person (which can be a rare commodity in the radio business.) I dont know if youll find this picture appropriate for remembering him, but we all had a good time working with H.G. in 100+ degree temperatures for over two hours and thats a testament to what a joy it was to be around H.G. Listiak.
David Sargent

What can one say about such a great individual.Not a day has been the same since.I hardly even listen to radio anymore.He was the awsome in so many way, on the home he could turn a bad day into a great afternoon drive home with one of his crazy sayings.I know he is still sitting there with big shoe everyday.If HG was here today I would love to here what his view of the mess this world is in today.We love you HG and will never forget you
Michael R

I always thought something had me listen to KMLE on April 26th. I wasnt listening to KMLE regularly at the time for whatever reason. I would try to remember to switch to KMLE so I could hear HG. I always loved is voice, his humor, and his sensibility. I loved the way HG and Big Shoe Stu interacted with each other. But that day I was heading off somewhere for some reason and I was driving down Hunt Hwy and realized it Big Shoe Stu time so I switched the radio to KMLE just in time for HG to come on with his commentary. I listened, cried, and I hoped for a better world. I knew HG was saying what we all believed about Pat Tillman. I listened for a while after his commentary.
I dont remember when, but at some point the next morning I was stunned to hear that HG past away during the night. I listened to KMLE off and on all day waiting for Big Shoe to come on. Big Shoe and Bunny came on and I listened for his entire show. I remember bits and pieces of what they said, and I cried right along with them remembering all the times I heard HG on the radio. I remember thinking it was so fitting that HGs last commentary was about a hero.
It has been almost 5 years since that day and it still pops in my head and I smile remembering HG; then I almost cry. I never had the opportunity meet him, but I listened to him for about 15 years, I really felt I lost a friend. He had a powerful voice and a lot of common sense. I dont think I ever disagreed with him or was upset about anything he said. He always came across as a genuine, warm human being.
I am glad I found this website. Thanks for keeping his memory and his commentaries alive.

Thanks for putting some of HGs commentaries on HGsWorld.com
I know it has been over 4 years ... but I still miss his voice on KMLE although I still listen to KMLE ... enjoy Stu's Whose Who for my ride home
Since Stu mentioned HG on the radio ... I visited the site and listened to all the posted commentaries along with looking at all the photos ... only to have tears in my eyes ...
There's just some people that touch our lives so much that we will also miss them and HG is one of those precious gifts to humankind !
Thx !
Becky Tillberry

Thank You I had listen to him for 10 years. Thanks again.

I dont know who is getting this email. But this morning tears literally rolled down my cheek. I moved to the valley back in 87 from Texas and soon after began listening to big shoe and hg! I met them a few times the most memorable was at Ack Chin when Joe Stampley Played there. Joe is a friend of mine and he walked me over to Shu.
Anyways I quit listening to music and listen to talk radio everyday. I was watching a Documentary this morning and the voice I think was HGs. So I wondered where this gentleman that always made me laugh on my long commutes was working now. Im so sad to find he has left us! Very sad
Michael LeShane

I didn't realize H.G. had been a Naval Aviator like myself untill I checked out his website. I would have had a lot more to talk with him about on the various in person location broadcasts I used to see him at.
Rest in peace fellow, brother U.S.Navy pilot.
Very respectfully, John P. Frederick, Chandler

HG was a huge part of my KMLE ride every day and I can't believe it has been 4 years. I still was in shock the day Stu had to announce his passing. I know Deena has stepped in to help and stayed on and boy what big shoes to fill. Stu and her seem to hit it off pretty well but it still it not the same.
I herd this announcement today on my way to work and could not wait to get home and see the website. All I can say is AMAZING... Keep posting whatever ya'll find and I'll keep riding the KMle.
Karin Helton
a faithful KMLe listener

I think its a great statement of HGs life that years later so many people stop to remember him.
Michael Shoulders

I'm a native of Phoenix Arizona I grew up listening to KMLE and H.G. doing his traffic reports. When I was 18 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was sent out of state and country, I've been listening to KMLE recently and was not aware of H. G.'s passing. It saddens me that when I come back to Arizona to visit and listen to KMLE I wont hear the unmistakable voice of H.G. Listiak. Today is the day I found of his passing, that just goes to show you how out of the loop I am because of my active duty military status. Well here's to you H.G. you will always be remembered and missed.
God Bless,
Cpl Joseph J. Clinton
Military Police/USMC

I listened to H.G. Listiak every morning on the radio on the way to high school. I wasn't a fan, really, but you couldn't mistake that voice. 'Raucous' is the only word to describe it. At the time, all middle of the road DJ's strived for a super smooth sound. Other, more hip, DJ's tried for a "laid back" sound. H.G. was at the other end of the spectrum. His little sports commentaries were always personal, opinionated and one-on-one with the listener. His word-play stuck with me. Years later when I was in grad school, I casually referred to the Phoenix Suns as "The Fabulous Solar Five" --an H.G.ism. My roomate just about fell on the floor laughing at me. So I guess he had an effect on me. I don't know why I decided to Google his name.
I realize now that H.G. was ahead of his time. He was a blogger without a computer.
------An Unconcious Fan.

I was just a kid out of college when I met H.G. Listiak. I remember the slight intimidation I felt meeting someone whod been in radio for that long... Those feeling turned to friendship shortly afterward, how could you not like that stubborn goat?
* He use to always have a creative use of expletives when we both talked about our cars. He had that Blue Corvette and I had a 67 piece of crap Camaro from High School. He always reminded me of how many women I could "get with that car"
* I remember finding out that he was the "H.G." that, as kids, my brother and I would consult his "H.G. Outdoors" chart at YELLOW FRONT store when we bought fishing gear.
* For as intimidating as he could appear, no one was quicker to give praise. In the early 90s, while doing this request party mix-show thing on KMLE on Saturday nights... The best feedback I got was from him. Every Monday morning hed say "G** DAMN TC, Youre smoking my boots Saturday night!"
* One of the hardest lessons about the reality of life came to me from H.G. Once while talking about another friends life passing, he sternly said "better him than me" I couldnt believe it, I looked at him in shock. He looked at me with that stern "H.G. look" he had and I could see in his eyes all the stuff hed seen in Vietnam and in his life. To him, it wasnt about being cold; it was reality as he saw it. There was emotion and tears there and this was his way of dealing with tragedy.
"Say it TC" he said and I repeated it. He just shook his head in acknowledgement and went on about his work.
Better you H. Better place. Thanks for the Better Times.
-Tommy C "Little Tommy"
KMLE class of 1990-95


I am 36 years old and spent many years listening to HG. I wanted to let you know, I remember him still, and truly miss him.
Love Charlotte Corbitt

There is something to be said about having a passion for what you do!
God Bless You!
Dean Synan

I have only been an Arizona resident for one year and am a dedicated listener to Big Shoe Stu Evans on KMLE. Unfortunately my arrival was too late to enjoy H.G. Listiak, who had passed away a few months earlier. Fortunately, Stu never forgets an old friend and on occasion would play back H.G.'s views of the world.
I really wish I had moved here earlier so I could have enjoyed this very special personality. For those of you fortunate to have heard H.G. Listiak, you are the luckiest people I know. H.G. was special and I think you know that.
John Ross Hart
Queen Creek, AZ USA

Hi. To tell you the truth, my exposure to H.G. was extremely short - limited simply to hearing his commentaries and traffic reports on KMLE in Phoenix. I had moved there from Oregon shortly after finishing school. Born a Willamette Valley rain worshiper with webbed feet, I was grossly out of place in the Phoenix metro area and made a point of renting my apartment as far on the border of the metro area as I could get without going broke. The blessing in disguise was that in my daily commute to and from Tempe for work I was able to catch H.G. Listiak on the radio. Let's say he was a sort of saving grace......he had that rural, no-bones humor and sense of all-that-is-right (or wrong)-with-the-world. He made me contemplate...and laugh...and gave my spirit a lift when it was greatly needed. For a few minutes each day, I wasn't in Phoenix. After a year, I literally wasn't in Phoenix, having returned to Oregon. I have periodically looked into HGsWorld for his commentaries, but life takes over and I had become lax this past year. I was very saddened to hear of H.G.'s passing, albeit a year after it happened. I am very grateful that the web site is still flourishing....what a great tribute to a man with an incredible mind and spirit.
Maralee Wernz

HG was a true American, and he wasn't afraid to let us all know how things that were happening in our world bothered him. You didn't have to agree with him, but You had to admire a man who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. I listened to him on KMLE for many years, and it wasn't until Stu played his final commentary on the 1 year anniversary of his passing that I decided to write this. I will always remember HG, and I will miss him. I was in agreement with him on his statements, and I am glad that America has, and had people like him .Thanks HG, May You rest in peace as others will follow in your footsteps.
Thanks Jack,Beth and Kevin Mooney

I moved from AZ in 1997. I moved to Vancouver, WA. From time to time I would ask my step mother if all the same disc jockey's were still on. But there would always be one question I asked. "Is H.G. Listiak still on?" I haven't asked in a long time. Now, me and my wife wish to move back to AZ and I was checking some thing's on websites about AZ. Then I thought about KMLE country. It crushed me to know that H.G. is gone. But it crushed me even harder when I read when he passed away. I feel horrible. I wish I could hear his voice just one last time. He will be missed greatly. Thank you for posting his passing away, even after a year.
A Greiving Fan Of H.G. Listiak

I am sorry I didnt do this sooner. But when I heard about HG's death about a year ago it sadden me. I have been listening to him ever since I was 7, and I really liked him. He was cool, when i am putting my web site together, i am gonna put something on there about HG. I am sorry!
Kelly Tari


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