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9-11 Commission

Friday 4/9/2004

Welcome to My World, where I stand by my statement that the 9-11 commission hearings are a sad, politicized joke, something you would expect to see in a Benson cartoon if he would get off his Bush bashing bandwagon and draw something besides leftist propaganda. Yes, national Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice went before the witch hunting inquisitors in this non-precedent setting precedent that tore another piece out of our Constitution's separation of powers, opening the door for the legislative branch to screw around the executive branch whenever they promise it's non-precedent setting. Dr. Rice was brilliant and impressive in her argument that 9-11 was not the President's fault, but it was basically "he said, she said" with of course, the accuser Richard Clarke, who is busy peddling his book, another in what will be a long list of volumes penned by disgruntled Democrats and ex-government employees before the November election. I fear the Rice testimony only fell on deaf commission ears. They made up their minds before they even convened or they would have never convened. They'll release their findings to coincide with the opening of the Democratic convention. The fact that they plan to pin it on the President was leaked earlier by a couple of responsible reporters. But that and the Rice revelations won't mean anything. This is the lowest form of politics, politicizing the grief of a nation. There is no way Bush could have known about the attacks any more than F.D.R. knew about Pearl Harbor, and he had a lot more time and warning than Bush. But here's the part that bothers me the most. These people want to crucify the President long after the fact. They are only digging into history, looking backwards at the past, not looking ahead to the future, which will only serve to see us as vulnerable, so busy looking behind us that we don't see the next one coming. Friends our future doesn't lie in the hands of those blame hunting commission wind bags. It lies in the hands of American resolve, freedom loving people everywhere, a strong President, and the courage and commitment of our brave American fighting men and women, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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