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Violence Led By Religous Leader

Wednesday 4/7/2004

Welcome to My World, where we continue to learn the hard lesson, that just because the purveyors of religiosity preach peace and love from their book, that doesn't mean they practice it. If you want to get into a bitter argument just point out the current events in Iraq to almost anyone of the Muslim faith. Can you imagine a Protestant or Catholic leader here in the U.S. loading their churches with weapons and gathering their flock to murder and mutilate as many others as they can before they go to meet God? That's exactly what's going on in Iraq where we have recently seen an explosion of violence led by Muqtada Al-Sadr, a Shiite Muslim cleric who in the name of Allah has opened chapters of Hamas and Hezbollah, pro Palestinian groups of Jew and American hating terrorists, and declared infitadas and jihads against Americans, especially our troops occupying the river town of Kufa. He says the occupation is over, he is in control, after last weekend when his disciples, with automatic weapons and grenade launchers, basically took over a part of the village. Sadr has barricaded himself in the local Grand Mosque and is busy fortifying the gold bricked religious center with heavy weapons, bracing for a U.S. invasion that is sure to come. So who is this 31 year old punk preacher who is trying to foist a Taliban style Islamic government on the people of Iraq? He's the son of a top Shiite cleric who along with his two older brothers, was assassinated by Saddam Hussein in 1999. He inherited his job as religious leader. He and his small but growing black clad militia will have to be taken out. This guy is every bit as brutal as Saddam Hussein, only he dresses different, packs a Koran, and is a poorly funded version of Osama bin Laden who preaches a sermon, shrieking anti Bush rhetoric much like a Ted Kennedy speech, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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