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Economy is Improving

Tuesday 4/6/2004

Welcome to My World, where in today's "global economy" one is hesitant to become overly optimistic about our current situation in the U.S. it's all so fragile, but damn, I am optimistic. Things have been improving ever since the tax cuts, and the economy continues to rebound to the point where it's almost getting robust. The growth has been strong in all areas with one exception. As they normally do, jobs have been lagging behind. That changed dramatically with Friday's figures that showed 308 thousand jobs were added to the American work force in March, making it one of the best quarters in right around two decades when you look at all the economic factors. All that really happened here was that consumer confidence caught up with Mr. Businessman, who in turn felt comfortable with a more aggressive work force, which is basically the way a free economy works. This does not bode well for the Democrats and John Kerry as defense, jobs and the economy overall are the major concerns of voters across the country. If voters continue to favor Bush and back the war on terrorism and if the bottom doesn't fall out of the economy, I don't think gay marriage or his questionable war record in Vietnam will be enough to get Kerry another residence, on Pennsylvania Avenue. It's looking good Americans, but the White House hungry Democrats are not going to let you enjoy it. They continue to be in denial with every set of encouraging figures that come out. They have to burst the bubble. It's what they do. But hang in there my friends. We have more homeowners than ever before, higher GDP, growth, and now the job market is on the way back and a lot of us who have been concerned are daring to be optimistic. The Bush policies which even I myself have questioned, are working, no matter what you are going to hear spewed off the campaign stumps, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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