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Emails from John and William

Thursday 4/1/2004

Welcome to My World, where I've got a couple more emails to share. First from John Jones, thanking us for airing an email that told the truth about Iraq through the eyes of a Marine, material that the press seems unwilling to report. He writes, "Thanks from all the vets from all branches. It means a lot to a man or woman sacrificing all for their country to have such wonderful support from home, and people like you and all the staff of your radio station. I'm not sure you know the story of Jane Fonda in Vietnam, but even today she is still hated by military people who know the story. John also shares an item about another actress, Ann Margaret." John, Semper Fi Marine, I do know the story of Hanoi Jane, and I also know her close ties with peace protester, now presidential candidate John Kerry. I also know the story of Ann Margaret, whom I saw live during the Bob Hope U.S.O. tours in Vietnam. An inspiration, a tireless worker who lifted our spirits, she was so much more than just eye candy, and it's nice to know that decades after the fact, Ann Margaret still considers us her Vietnam gentlemen. And this email from William Crum who writes, "Are you and Rush Limbaugh twins separated at birth, because you have the same gift of trash. Well, William Crum, I take it you are a liberal, with the usual liberal argument, which is? I'm not related to Rush, but thank you for the compliment. I do however wish I had his money and good looks. I do tend to speak my mind, understanding that your trash is other people's treasure, and I would like to quote one of my favorite writers, Thomas Sowell, of Creators, who as a black gentleman neither resembles me or Rush. He says, "People who send me letters or email containing belligerent personal attacks probably have no idea how reassuring their messages are, for they show that critics seldom have rational arguments to offer." End of quote. And, William Crum, don't take it personal. You see we as Americans can disagree and still stay friends, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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