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Wednesday 3/31/2004

Welcome to My World, where I have a few random thoughts today. Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry is getting his shoulder operated on, this after announcing that he has a chronic cold and chest thing due to allergies, and this in the wake of last year's surgery to remove his prostate to cure cancer. Yet despite all of these maladies, every time he recovers, he comes out looking another 5 to 10 years younger. Not bad for a guy who says he's never heard of Botox. How does he do it? My next thought concerns putting our national security advisor, Condoleeza Rice before the witch hunters on the 9-11 committee. Despite the no precedent deal, I think it's a mistake. Here's why. It's an historic violation of our separation of powers. You would think that after the Clinton years and despite the Democratic move to pin 9-11 on Bush, the panelists would know better. Separation of powers is how our Constitution, our government, works. When our executive, legislative, and judicial branches operate freely, our system works. No matter what she testifies before these goons, politicizing the war and our national defense, it's the first step to even more chaos in Washington, which I would imagine is quite encouraging to groups like Al Qaeda and other terrorists. And here's something else to make the enemy smile. The head of the Democratic National Committee and top character assassin, Terry McAuliffe, has some new office decor. It's a woven door mat defiling not only the President but the office of the presidency. The mat that he encourages visitors to wipe their feet on bears the face of George W. Bush, the President. Disgraceful indeed, but it's not a new idea. You see, tile mosaics of George H. and George W. Bush were found at the entrances to several of Saddam Hussein's palaces. In many Arab cultures, the bottom of one's shoe is the lowest insult that can be bestowed on the insulted party. McAuliffe's mat is not only an insult to the President, but an insult to all Americans, including our men and women in uniform and in harms way, taking orders from their Commander in Chief, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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