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9-11 Commission Hearings

Friday 3/26/2004

Welcome to My World, where I've been keeping up with the finger pointing, wheel spinning election year witch hunt, the 9-11 commission hearings. What a prime parcel of pernarious political partisanship. What a joke! What a waste of taxpayers' money. Of course the Republicans are going to blame Clinton and the Democrats are going to blame Bush for the worst attack on actual U.S. soil in history. It's a freaking election year, one of the dirtiest ever. The media circus is a waste of our time as well. We knew who was going to blame who and for what. Was there ever any doubt? Not in my mind. Everyone blames everyone, with noone really blaming the Al Qaeda terrorists. Oh sure, a few signs were there, but without a crystal ball, noone, not even Nostradamos, could have called that one. Even recent turncoat Bush basher, Richard Clarke, when asked if there was the remotest chance that the attacks could have been prevented if the Bush administration had taken his aggressive counter terrorism recommendations upon taking office in 2001, could only reply, No. Richard Clarke, a big shot counter terror expert in the Clinton administration, has been the star of this dog and pony show. But he has an agenda, the same kind former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill had when he wrote his Bush bashing book "Price of Loyalty." Clarke's book, "Against All Enemies" barely stops short of blaming Bush for 9-11. This guy, disgruntled over being demoted and pushed out of the administration's loop, pops the book, suspiciously while the 9-11 commission is convened. You see when government officials lose their gigs, they don't use guns to go postal, they use books. So were there mistakes made by both administrations? Of course there were. But just because it's an election year, do we have to convene a panel so we can argue and snipe at each other over the past, showing our bad side and weaknesses to the rest of the world, including those who only want to see us end up one way, and that's dead? We are at war against terrorism and this is one hell of an ugly way to fight it, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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