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Misleading Headlines

Thursday 3/25/2004

Welcome to My World, where Tuesday morning I had to roll out early. I missed breakfast, and I'm glad I did. I might have lost it when I looked at the front page of the leftist, liberal biased morning paper, El Republico. The headline read, "Outrage Over Killing Ripples World Wide." So who was dead? The Pope? Mother Theresa again? Or was it more publicity for Mel Gibson's movie? None of the above. The departed was a top terrorist, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, a bloody killer, the founder of Hamas, one of the first groups to use suicide bombers against Israeli citizens. Since they declared their first infitada against Israel, Hamas has killed hundreds and wounded thousands of non-combatant Israeli men, women and children, most of it masterminded by Yassin, who was splashed by a missile fired from an Israeli aircraft in Gaza City. The Palestinians of course, hit the streets Monday, rioting and burying what was left of Yassin before sunset, as is their religious custom. The paper made it sound like the whole world was outraged and rioting when actually it was the usual suspects like Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Syria who were raising the most hell, with the Hamas terrorists vowing vengence. The paper reported that President Bush was deeply troubled by the attack, in my mind begging the question, how can we be engaged in a war on terrorism and justify not backing an ally when they knock off a terrorist the magnitude of Yassin? What are we going to do when they pull the trigger on Yasser Arafat, long overdue to meet Allah? Would we not be elated if a Hellcat from a Predator drone would blow pieces of Osama bin Laden halfway up a mountain? Was the President applying a double standard? Well my friends, the answer is no. It was the work of an over zealous left wing liberal press. What the President actually said was Israel has the right to defend herself against terror. The Middle East is a troubled region, there needs to be a focused, concentrated effort by all parties to fight terror. The Bush bashing headline came on page one above the fold. The truth was buried with a small headline on page A14 the next day. I don't know about you, but in my opinion, no election, no amount of partisan politics, is worth prostituting a free press, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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