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How To Encourage Terrorists

Wednesday 3/24/2004

Welcome to My World, where the tragedy in Spain continues to grow legs in the left wing liberal media. It's just not going away. The fact that the people of Spain, in the wake of the brutal Al Qaeda attack, folded like a bad hand, has become a model for the coalition of the un-willing, who have seized the opportunity to bash Bush and to cop an attitude, not even thinking of the consequences of giving these terrorists even more encouragement. These murderers, who had been focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and who have vowed to eliminate all Jews and Americans now, of course, are using the situation in Iraq to flood those of us considered infidels, with blood. This was bolstered by statements from Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero when he says, "There have been almost more deaths in Iraq after than during" as he pulls his meager force of 1300 support troops out of Iraq. But it gets even worse when former Democratic poster boy Howard Dean, spun out of contention by the Kerry-go-round says, "The President was the one who dragged our troops to Iraq, which apparently has been a factor in the death of 200 Spaniards." Do you believe this guy? Can you imagine what a statement like that from an American public figure does for the morale of Al Qaeda? It sounds like Dean blames the President of the United States of America for pushing the reluctant Al Qaeda to murder. "It's not your fault murdering terrorists. Bush made you do it." Does Dean, the self appointed hit man for the Kerry camp, have any idea what happened in America on 9-11? It seems his hatred for Bush goes beyond his hatred of terrorism, and the liberal media is hot to print every piece of drivel that drools from his shrieking mouth. British Prime Minister Tony Blair calls Zapatero's stance completely and hopelessly naive. I'd like to say the same for Howard Dean and his scurrilous scribes if it wasn't for their agenda, that can only serve to injure America and Americans everywhere, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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