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U.N. Inspections in Iran

Tuesday 3/16/2004

Welcome to My world, where the dance of the idiots continues in Iran. Most of the free world, including the guy who gave them the technology, agrees that Iran has nuclear capabilities and they are up to no good. They may or may not be working on a bomb. Tehran, where the Ayatollah recently pretty well closed the door on democracy, rigging their elections, refused all nuke hunters except the blind brigade from the U.N. The Iranians want support for their claim that they are not building the bomb and they should get it from the U.N. as we have learned from the past. But wait, wait, there's more. Now the Iranians have abruptly cancelled and banned the U.N. from further inspections until the end of April. Why maybe even the U.N. was getting close to something. You think? This will basically freeze the probe into Tehran's present and past nuclear secrets. But wait, wait, it get's worse. The reason the Iranians are giving for the ban on inspections is a mind blower. They claim that somehow these inspectors would disrupt and cause conflict with the celebration of the Iranian New Year. Friends, that is one hell of a New Year's party that lasts a month and a half. So what's really going on here? Kind of looks like another tap dance, like the shuffle stepping in North Korea. A dance that the U.N. is all too eager to join in on. If I was an Ayatollah in Tehran with a bunch of nuke parts stacked up, I'd welcome the U.N. whose searchers can't even find billions of Iraqi dollars they know is in a Paris bank. I mean the U.N. won't find squat in Iran. How can you find secret hidden stuff if you are only allowed to look where and when those who hid the stuff tell you to look. Is this so hard to figure out? It's because of how the timid U.N. inspectors do their business that they never find anything, always giving the search subjects ample time to move the hot goods. The U.N. inspectors couldn't find water in a lake, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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