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Anger Management

Monday 3/15/2004

Welcome to My World, where once again I've had my nose where I should never have it, in the medical journals. Whenever I do this I end up on some kind of self improvement binge that only serves to confuse me and guilt me out when I give it up, or when the research is reversed. You see, once again the medical community changes a premise and leaves me in the lurch. I'd like to be angry but I can't, and you're about to learn why. For years they have been telling, shall we say, intense guys like me to vent, let it out, get it off your chest, let off some steam, do not keep things that may anger you bottled up inside. They called that unhealthy. Now we find out that just the opposite is the case. Men who show their anger run a much greater risk of falling down dead with a stroke or a heart attack than their meeker brethren. Dr. Elaine Eaker, top research gun and president of Eaker Epidemiology Enterprises in Wisconsin, published in the American Heart Association Journal, "Circulation", says there has been a perception that you can dissipate negative health effects of anger by letting it out instead of bottling it up, but this study shows that is not the case. Dr. John Osborne, a Baylor University Medical Center cardiologist agrees. Basically, if you are angry and become hostile guys, you've got a 30% better chance of dropping dead in your tracks, and here's the tough part. You see it was co-ed research. They checked out women as well, finding that the ladies who exploded with tempers actually were healthier and ran less risk of heart attack or stroke than men or their simpatico sisters. I can only imagine a healthy home life should the couple suddenly decide to embrace the Eaker theory. In an intense relationship, one of them is going to drop dead, and if it's a docile relationship, one of them is going to drop dead. I guess, as I have said thousands of times, all you can do is keep hanging, your nose out of medical journals, hanging in there, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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