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Bush 9-11 Campaign Ads

Friday 3/12/2004

Welcome to My World, where Tuesday, after waiting until I had actually seen it for myself, I commented on the G.O.P. presidential campaign ad that has the liberals so lit off, claiming it exploited 9-11. I noted that it was a defining moment in the Bush administration and it was appropriate since it is part of the President's record and incumbent presidents run for re-election on their records. I said all of the anger over the ad was little more than manufactured outrage by the Democrats and the Bush haters. We exposed one of the biggest critics, Harold Schaitberger, the president of the International Firefighters, as having endorsed John kerry last September, and a spirited rider on the Kerry-go-round. But he wasn't alone in the Bush bashing, as was pointed out to me by a screaming liberal with the veins sticking out on her neck. What about the victims families who decry the ad? So, with the help of the Wall Street Journal, we dug deeper. There are several Bush bashing soft money groups including the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tommorrows, that are outraged over the ads supposedly. This group was recruited into the Democratic network of money and support. It's a project of the leftist Tide Center, a provider of back office services to ideologically acceptable charitable organizations for a fee. The center receives big money from liberal foundations, including the Heinz family endowments, one of them chaired by Teresa Heinz, the wife of John Kerry. Peaceful Tomorrows, P.R. backing comes from Fenton Communications, who caters to left wing advocacy groups like the Soros funded Moveon.org. The Fenton representative also works with moveon.org, the people who compared the President to Adolf Hitler. Jessica Smith used to work for the Democratic National Committee, and on the Gore presidential campaign. So what we have here is a pack of activists coming from all sides of the left, claiming to speak for the 9-11 families against the Bush campaign ads. It would seem that the anger is indeed manufactured by those riding the spinning Kerry-go-round, actually doing what they accuse the President of doing, exploiting 9-11. I have more on this but I'm out of time, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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