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Jerry Colangelo

Thursday 3/11/2004

Welcome to My World, where the headline on the front page of Tuesday morning's paper read "Colangelo Selling Suns, part of a larger plan to back away from pro sports." My response? It's about time. I have known Jerry Colangelo for better than half of my life and I can honestly say I've never found even one negative. J.C. is a class act, a gentleman in every way, a man who always seems to dance with the ones that brung him. He's a loyal leader who never forgets those who helped him along the way. His friends, colleagues and employees are there for him, as he is there for them. His record is unbelievable, a boon to our city. NBA basketball, major league baseball, arena football, WNBA basketball, even instrumental in helping to bring NHL hockey to our city, not to mention America West Arena, Bank One Ball Park, Dodge Theater, and a ton of charities. Jerry always seems to find time for people and the community. I recall humorous chats with J.C. at the Phoenix Open when he was working in his faux Navajo Thunderbird togs, and I remember barbing him about his ambitions on a plane to San Francisco and how he responded by giving me directions to the best Italian restaurant in that city. I remember a lot of personal touches with Jerry, just several more reasons to call myself one of his fans. Am I overdoing this? Of course, because it needs to be overdone. From a college athlete at Illinois to where he is today is an incredible trip and it's been clean, no scandals or hidden scams. A clean, family-first trip, all of it earned. Jerry has taken this city out of the commonplace into the rare, and it goes beyond sports. He's living proof that nice guys don't finish last, always a winner even when his teams were not. So maybe it's time for him to slow it down, quite driving to the hoop, or sweating out the 3-2 pitch, to start enjoying the fruits of slaving away for a city and others. The legacy will never be forgotten. It's time for Jerry to start thinking about Jerry and have some fun, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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