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Bush 9-11 Campaign Ads

Tuesday 3/9/2004

Welcome to My World, where I've been holding off on this item until I actually saw the ad myself. There has been a lot of harsh criticism from the liberals over the G.O.P. presidential campaign ads that the Democrats say exploit the tragic events of 9-11. Now that I have it all in place and feeling froggy enough, I'll jump. Incumbent Presidents are judged on their records, and to say 9-11 is not part of the Bush record is ludicrous. It was a defining moment in American History and a defining moment in the Bush administration, actually the main focus. And it's a campaign issue not because Bush made it one but because his opponents made it one. One of the biggest blasts came from the International Fire Fighters Union president, Harold Schaitberger, but that was an inside job since Schaitberger had endorsed and moved into the Kerry camp last September. And what business does a representative of the brave firefighters or police or military have playing partisan politics, riding the Kerry-go-round? They are supposed to be neutral. The war on terrorism, our safety, is linked to President Bush and 9-11. That was mildly depicted in these Bush ads as part of the Bush record, and isn't an election supposed to be about such things? Even the Democrats know this, so they manufacture this anger for nothing more than politics. John Kerry is basically crying crocodile tears over the ads so far, unscathed by attackers who don't bother with Kerry's defining moment, which came over three decades ago when he did one-third of one tour in Vietnam. I don't think that will cover the liberals' butts on the subject of national defense, keeping the new generations of Americans safe and out of harms way. So we have to ask ourselves, did 9-11 occur? Yes! Did President Bush rise to the occasion? Yes! Is it part of his record? Yes! But will the Democrats, with their moveon.org and Ted Kennedy try to spin that away from Bush on the Kerry-go-round? Yes! It's what they do. And a personal note, as an American, I would like to put Vietnam behind me and remember 9-11, so it can never happen again, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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