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Friday 3/5/2004

Welcome to My World, where I have a few random thoughts trickling through the synapsi of my boggled brain today. First of all I find it ironic that as the Democrats carp and complain about too many jobs going overseas, their patron saint, in the process of building the Bill Clinton presidential library, is having Netherfield Visuals of Scotland build the 85 glass display cases for the library, at a cost of almost a million dollars. I also find it ironic that the Supreme Court in the people's republic of California, overly sensitive about the separation of church and state, as to not offend anyone, should rule that Catholic charities must offer birth control coverage to it's employees even though the Roman Catholic church regards it as a sin against their religion. What's next? Will Baptists be ordered to dance? And finally, I thought it was a class move for President Bush to call and congratulate John Kerry after wrapping up the Democratic presidential nomination. Bush told Kerry he looked forward to a "spirited contest", with Kerry saying he hoped to keep the campaign on the issues. And wouldn't that be nice? Two statesmen on the issues, portraying the benefits of the checks and balances under the multi-party system. Fat chance! I think too much Bush-hating rhetoric has been spewed. Even if the two principals were to hold the line on the issues, I don't think their backers will allow a non-personal, civil, gentleman-like discussion of the issues. I mean just on the primary stumps, the President has been accused of letting 9-11 happen, manufacturing two wars, of drunkeness, draft dodging, ruining the economy, being insensitive to gays, and a host of other deadly sins. While Kerry stands accused of infidelity, voting against the military, being Ted Kennedy's puppet, and using Botox. No my friends, there has already been too much muddy water over the bridge for any kind of intelligent discussion of the issues, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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