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Media Not Portraying Truth About Iraq

Thursday 3/4/2004

Welcome to My World, where for the past several months I have been hearing from returning combatants involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Naval aviators, Navy seals, Army soldiers, and Marinas, all have the same complaint. The T.V. talking heads and big city newspapers do not know or are simply not reporting the truth. And it's even worse now that it has become a campaign issue. Comments like "you would think we were getting our butts kicked over there, and we are not". They accuse the liberal press of an unforgivable bias, with comments like, "We don't even recognize what we are reading in print or seeing on network T.V." They paint a very different picture of the whole situation, saying things have improved a lot for the Iraqi people, and with the exception of the terrorists, they are grateful and very appreciative of the job the coalition is doing and has done. It's so bad that the U.S. military will launch it's own news service in Iraq and Afghanistan, spending 6.3 million dollars, just to get fair and accurate reporting, sending video, text and photos directly to the internet or news outlets. The Pentagon officials say the media focuses on car bombings and the death of soldiers while ignoring U.S. rebuilding efforts, while a spokesman for the Kuwait based U.S. led coalition land forces command says the American public gets a pretty slanted picture, which agrees with the statements I have received from returnees. He says they want the public to get the facts as they exist, not from people who aren't on the scene. This will probably pretty well upset the leftist media, and you can expect some rather heavy anti-military items in the near future, a backlash from the backlash, which of course will include more Bush bashing. But it's good to see this move by the military and bad that it had to happen. We as Americans have a need to know and that need has been slanted away from the truth and reality in Iraq, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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