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Governor Jan for Vice President?

Wednesday 3/3/2004

Welcome to My World, where a while back when Madam Governor Janet Napolitano was still the Arizona A.G. and quibbling over offensive Christmas decorations at the state capital, I took a lot of heat when I commented that her political ambitions went far beyond the state of Arizona, which would only be a stepping stone on the way to Washington. When she was stumping to be Governor I took more left hook heat when I said the 9th floor at the state capital would not be enough for Governor Jan. Now the liberal morning paper prints "The Rising Democratic Star" is on the short list to run with John Kerry as Vice President if indeed he gets the nomination. Now there's a pair to draw to. Napolitano like all short list vice presidential possibles of course says she's not interested. They never are, adding that she wants to stay Governor of Arizona. I think that's true, at least for a while or until she feels she wants to grab a Senate seat. Her ambitious political freight train would be derailed even if she would win the Vice Presidency. The junk yards of politics are stacked with Vice Presidential candidates. Ask Dan Quayle or Geraldine Ferraro. The list is long and almost distinguished. So the question is, could Napolitano help John Kerry in an uphill battle against Bush for the White House? In states like California and Massachussets probably. But in the meat, potato, and bread belt states, probably not. At 46 and never married, it's not the image middle Americans will accept. On the issues, she wouldn't be much help on the war, economy, taxation, or family values, where voters would see right through the window dressing. And on foreign policy, she might be able to help if it concerned only Mexico. The one area where she could really help Kerry is that although her ambitions are becoming more transparent with every newspaper article, she will stick to her guns, right or wrong, and refrain from waffling, whining too much, and flopping on issues, something Kerry doesn't refrain from. Then again, it's questionable how much respect and attention the running mate actually gets. I guess Joe Lieberman could answer that one, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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