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Checking on the Axis of Evil

Friday 2/20/2004

Welcome to My World, where every now and again I like to check on the President's Axis of Evil, named as the war on terrorism started. First let me reiterate that I think Syria, with it's transparent diplomacy, should have been included, and time will prove whether my bold assumption is accurate or not. You all know the story in Iraq, Saddam toppled and caught, with war turned to murder, as politicians make it a campaign issue. The second member, Iran, is now a political mess, with the Fundamentalist Islamics disqualifying anyone after an elected office who fails to follow the Ayatollah's hard line, thus making it easier to shadow their nuke programs behind the robes of religion. Believe me, they have a lot more going on than they are showing the U.N. And finally the home of dear leader Kim Jung Il, the commie with the bad do, North Korea. I'm not even going to touch on his incipient nuclear weapons program. You see once again his people are starving and it's going to get worse. Normally the U.N. food program feeds around 6.5 million North Koreans who would starve if not for the U.N. Most of them are small children. The U.N. is now suffering a severe food shortage, able to feed about 100 thousand of the 6.5 million in serious danger of dying before the winter is over. The U.N. simply does not have the resources, and countries like Japan are backing away from supplying food because of problems with Kim Jung Il that go past the threat of nukes. The next U.S. shipment can't even arrive until the end of March and even then officials aren't sure how much of it will get past their dear leader, who is a long ways from starving or even losing weight, with his villas in Europe, Swiss accounts, and fleet of 200 Mercedes. I should bite my tongue. The liberals are going to crucify me for this, but when checking the Axis of Evil, I see the need for at least one, maybe two, more regime changes, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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