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Friday 2/13/2004

Welcome to My World, where I have a few random thoughts today. Just a few musings that would trickle through my mind, if I had one. The Janet Jackson peep show story continues to grow media legs, but you know, it's an ill wind that blows no one good. Her exposure at the Superbowl has caused a boom in the questionable body piercing industry. All over the country the piercing shops are lining 'em up, at between 30 and 100 dollars a stabbing. Nipple shields, like the silver sunburst that burst before us, are the hottest selling items. Even men are after the item, that is now back ordered. I couldn't get the figures on implants or leather fun-wear. Another thought. We've got the booze barons cheering and the beer brewers jeering. You see, beer sales were down in 2003, while hard liquor jumped to it's largest market share ever, crediting demographics, more advertising, and more states allowing spirit sales on Sunday. Meanwhile the beer brewers are crying in their mugs, blaming a bad economy and the war in Iraq for the decline in beer sales. I'm really not sure what the war in Iraq has to do with folks not squeezing long necks and crushing cans, but before this coming November arrives, I've got a feeling the war is going to be blamed for everything from closing bars to broken cars, to gritches on mars to mental scars, and to outbreaks of SARS. And a quick response to Donna who wrote that she figures I get a lot of hate mail and that she allows her kids to listen to My World so they can discover what's ugly in the world. Actually Donna, your hate mail, after 2 1/2 years and almost 600 editions of The World, is the very first. Most of my email, about 90%, is in support of The World, and the disagreements are never more than philosophical differences and good debates, nothing personal, and we always stay friends. I would suggest that allowing children to listen and learn about things you deem inappropriate would be a flaw in your parenting skills, but thanks for the hate mail. You apparently have some kind of hidden agenda, but although I'm curious, I'm not all that interested in what it is. But I'm pleased that you are listening, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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