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More Black History Month Black Marks

Tuesday 2/10/2004

Welcome to My World, where last Friday I discussed diversity in our hallowed halls of higher academia, giving examples of white student bashing and bias because of the pigmentation of their skin. Diversity pushed by far left liberal educators has run so amok that white students were being sorely discriminated against. I stated, as I have stated many times, that bigots come in all colors, not just white. After the item aired, I got a heads up from a listener. It was hard to believe so I checked it out. It was true. Many times this detrimental diversity starts long before college. Parents in the Clark County School District in Nevada are all upset. You see in celebration of black history month, little 3rd, that's right 3rd grade students were segregated in the classroom. The black children went to the front of the room while the white children were seated in the back. The black students played board games and chatted, while the white students were forced to lay their heads on their desks and not talk while the teacher taught how whites enslaved blacks and how the white kids' ancestors had killed the black kids' ancestors and they should be punished. The black kids, not fully understanding, taunted the white 3rd graders and it carried itself out of the classroom and after school, resulting in new prejudices and even more segregation. The school district is looking into the matter, but the parents say the damage has already been done, and it has. At least one civil rights advocate says it's a good idea as long as it stays in the classroom, which of course is impossible. What the hell is he thinking anyway? Once again let me re-iterate my opinion that diversity cannot be forced, mandated or legislated by these far left liberal educators and politicians. It has to come from the heart or it'll never work. And you know, it's not working, or I would not have to be addressing the issue again in My World, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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