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Commentary by H.G. Listiak
Liberal Colleges Going Too Far

Friday 2/6/2004

Welcome to My World, where a lot of our institutions of higher learning continue to preach and push diversity while at the same time leaving one race out of the mix, white people. In the far left liberal schools like U.C. Berkeley and Dartmouth, they have now advanced to the point of discrimination against white students, and if you are white and conservative, it's hell. At Berkeley they claim to have a study that proves white conservatives are mentally ill, with rampant intolerance and a capacity for cruelty, condoning inequality, linking right wing students with Ronald Reagan and spinning it over to Hitler and Mussolini. Now if you think that is sick, it gets worse when you look at Dartmouth, where they actually have a race bigotry device which reminds one of something you might encounter should you be abducted by aliens. This apparatus uses what they call magnetic resonance imaging, to measure activity in the student's brain. What they do is round up well educated, well meaning white students and confront them with images and words associated with black people in the presence of a black experimenter. The higher the test subject scores on the bias meter, the more their brains were affected, and the more bigoted the white guy was assumed to be. The flaw in the test is that in a venue or scenario where diversity is forced, the target, the white student, gets very nervous about violating any politically correct commandment, thus tensing up when hooked up to the race meter, giving them higher bias scores, making them appear more bigoted. Now I don't know if the results of the testing will be kept in some kind of file on the test subjects, or if it's just another study, but whatever it is, I regard it as discrimination. You don't have to be white to be a bigot. Prejudice comes in all colors. And when these liberal schools go on witch hunts under the guise of studies, they are going to find them. No matter what the race, color, or creed you dig for, the more you concentrate on our differences, the more differences you are going to find, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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