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Polygamists Still Getting Off Too Easy

Wednesday 2/4/2004

Welcome to My World, where from Colorado City to Salt Lake City, polygamists, those who take more than one wife, have been getting a lot of exposure in the media. Young girls in their early teens are fleeing their homes to avoid becoming part of a modern day harem, and finally the law is starting to crack down, but not hard enough. Jeremy Kingston copped a plea and was sentenced to a year in prison for taking as his wife, a 15 year old cousin who was also his aunt. The felony charge will be dropped if he completes three years probation. He was 24 when he took his cousin/aunt as his fourth wife. He has 17 children and he's only 32. Last year, his uncle David finished a four year stretch for incest involving his 16 year old niece. These men are part of the Kingston clan, also known as the Latter Day Church of Christ, with an estimated 1200 members with a 150 million dollar empire that runs Utah companies that include dairies, restaurant vendors and pawn shops. Now listen carefully my friends, because a lot of people, especially back east, are getting this wrong. These clans are not part of the Mormon church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints did practice polygamy widely until the 1890s when church leaders trying to get statehood for Utah, denounced the practice. Polygamists are now excommunicated from the church. These small clans and communities you see, read, and hear about are not part of the Mormon Church that we know. But, as we have seen, these people cling to the old practice under the guise of religious beliefs. I see two needs here. The Mormons need to get more aggressive toward those who smear their church name, and law enforcement needs to stop the plea bargains and light sentences and recognize these men for what they are, child molesters, who should be doing serious time, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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