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Clark Radio Interview Strikes a Nerve

Monday 2/2/2004

Welcome to My World, where last week retired Army General and Democratic presidential wanna-be Wesley Clark waltzed into our state stumping for votes in tomorrow's Arizona primary election. The Clinton candidate usually gives me laughs with his gaffs, but this time he struck a nerve. You won't see this statement in the left wing liberal morning paper. They of course wrote him up as a God fearing man who wants to take care of the less fortunate and of course printed his Bush bashing with quips like "I don't think it's patriotic to dress up in a flight suit and prance around on the deck of an aircraft carrier." I guess I'm not as patriotic as I thought, because I have done that. But that's not why I'm on his case. It happened during a radio interview when he was asked why he switched and became a Democrat. He replied that Democrats take better care of our military troops, hinting that Democrats are better military leaders than Republicans. Apparently Clark, when in uniform, was seeing the stars he was wearing. First of all, as far as Commanders in Chief go, it's just the opposite. Jimmy Carter tried to gut the military after the Vietnam conflict and Ronald Reagan rebuilt it. Then it was Bill Clinton's turn to reduce our battle strength, with President Bush now trying to rebuild. Clark insults all of us veterans when he pulls partisan politics into military leadership. It's simply never been a factor in my experience, nor have I ever heard of such a thing while serving, especially in a time of war. You have much more on your mind than political persuasion. General Clark must know better. There are no Republicans, Democrats, liberals, or conservatives on the battlefields, in the air, or in flight uniforms on a carrier deck, only strong, brave Americans, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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