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A Few Random Thoughts

Tuesday 1/27/2004

Welcome to my world, where I have a few random thoughts, answers to often asked questions that I've kind of been avoiding. First of all my take on the Kobe Bryant rape case. Our courts are full of these he-said, she-said cases, but things are getting more complicated in this one now that the defense has played the race card. I'm really not sure if the truth will ever find it's way out of all the smearing and counter smearing. If he did it he should go to prison, if he didn't he should go free. The problem is that no matter what happens, both parties have been scarred for life. On the comments I get from far left liberals that I never say anything good about Democrats. Excuse me, is this the bias complaining about bias? How about Zell Miller, Mayor Koch, and Terry Goddard, just to name a few. The problem I have in this election year is that the Democrats aren't saying anything good about the Democrats, which makes it easy to see why their actual presidential front runner is named un-decided. And for those who feel the Phoenix Open becoming the F.B.R. Open is a sell out, get an overlapping, or interlocking grip. That's the way pro sports are played these days. Believe me, it's still the most rowdy of all P.G.A. events, a week long party for valley fans. The only problem I see with the event is not a big one, it's the continued absence of Tiger Woods. I'm starting to feel as though our Open galleries are being snubbed. And is the Mars mission worth the money? It is. Mainly because it fulfills a need that Americans have always had, the need to see what is over the next hill, and see it before anyone else does. It's kind of a cohesiveness, a glue, that holds us together when we may be divided on other issues. Is it too expensive? Probably, but is it worth it? Probably, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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