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Iraq is an American War - Not a Bush War

Monday 1/26/2004

Welcome to my world, where many left-side liberals and their democratic presidential wanna-bes and wafflers continue to make noise over the war in Iraq. They shriek, it's too expensive, as if you can put a price tag on freedom for people who have been severely repressed, depressed, and oppressed, murdered, raped and tortured for decades. They preach and fret over American casualties which I grant you is unfortunate, but a reality of war. The body count, the cold cruel scorecard of war, was very low in the actual invasion and it remains low in the post war occupation, period. In post World War Two, many more American soldiers fell to the Nazi leftover Werewolves in Germany, and those deadenders were not getting help from foreign terrorists like the hardline leftover Baathists in Iraq. Some of these far left liberals simply will not recognize that we are winning even the post war battle, probably because they don't recognize it as an American war, but as a President Bush war, and that is wrong. They carp about collateral damage, civilian casualties, failing to realize that Iraqi citizens who want freedom and to make a living, are just as much targets as the coalition forces. More and more that is becoming the case. They gunned down four women, cleaners on a U.S. military installation. This came only days after a bomb killed 31 and injured 120 on their way to their jobs at the U.S. Administration Headquarters. This collateral carnage will continue. Terrorists are cowards and that should not be a surprise to the lefty liberals and their noisy candidates. The atrocities of 9-11 targeted only noncombatants. It was all collateral damage. Have those political desperados forgotten that? I hope not, because if that is forgotten, it will happen again, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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