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Email from Ronda

Friday 1/16/2004

Welcome to my world, where I received an email from Ronda early this week. It reads: "Thanks for inviting me into your world each day. It makes the drive home so much nicer. I had a thought about one of your random thoughts. You were speaking about a Constitution in Afghanistan and Islamic law creating problems. The response is so simple it may not be a consideration. Base the Constitution on Islamic law and eliminate the conflict. This makes too much sense for some out there. Truth told sometimes simple is better."

Perhaps Ronda, but not in this case. I thank you for visiting My World but I disagree. You are correct that a total Islamic regime is not a consideration in Afghanistan. You may run the risk in time, of hard liners controlling every facet of life, including dress, morality, education and rights, with those who think out of the tight religious box persecuted, with bloodshed not out of the question. The Taliban was a prime example of the Fundamentalist Islamic hardliners in control. In a Democracy there must be separation of church and state, especially in an Islamic environment where the religious zealots are more determined than their opposition. A classic example of how far the Islamic hardliners will go to win is going on right now in Iran. Next month they will hold parliamentary elections. So far the Guardian Council Islamic hardliners have disqualified 3 thousand people who want to run or re-run for their 290 seats. All of those disqualified were reformists after a more democratic government, 80 of them incumbents. The President, Muhammed Khatami, is being rendered powerless by what he calls a bloodless coup by Islamic Fundamentalists. The Guardian Council, hand picked by the religious leader, Ayatolla Ali Khamenei, says those kept out of the elections were not familiar enough with the law, not Iranian law, but Islamic law. Ronda, I hope I have made my point clear, and thanks for your interest. Remember, as I have said many times before, it's allright to disagree, as long as we stay friends, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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