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What are you Thinking Sheriff Joe?

Thursday 1/15/2004

Welcome to my world, where sometimes I just have to wonder what lights the light bulb over the head of America's most famous sheriff, our own Joe Arpaio. Joe, concerned about the war on terrorism, is ordering all illegal aliens under his lock and key currently, to register for the draft. Right now he has about 500 illegals behind bars, whom he says have not complied with a 1980 federal law that requires all young men between 18 and 26 to register for the draft regardless of their immigration status. The move has the Selective Service System in Washington D.C. confused, saying they have never heard of anything like this but they do appreciate the compliance. Friends, the draft ended 30 years ago with an all volunteer military now in place. It's highly doubtful that with our new technology and streamlined military, that the draft will ever be reinstated, at least in the war against terrorism. I appreciate Sheriff Joe's knee jerk patriotism, but he should pay closer attention. First of all he can't do it because federal law exempts prison inmates from registering until after they are released. Secondly there's a language problem with most of these illegals, since our military is not bilingual, although it may sound like a foreign language to civilians. And thirdly, this provides a loop hole much bigger than any found in a border fence. Selective Service registration is tied to a number of benefits, including citizenship. The first thing they would be asked if they want to legalize their status would be if they have registered for Selective Service. Immigration activists like the deal, saying it could be the road to permanent residence in the U.S., and these guys are jailbirds. Joe, Joe, tent city, the chain gang, and the pink underpants were quaint. But Joe, Joe, this ain't. Maybe you should turn off the light bulb over your head this time, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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