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Who is Wesley Clark?

Tuesday 1/13/2004

Welcome to my world, where I scratch my folically challenged head a lot trying to figure out just who the real Wesley Clark is. I know he's a retired Army General, but that's about it. He's like a chameleon, changing his colors to blend in with the current environment, not really coming up with any answers, for the most part basically coat tailing material and trying to give Americans what he perceives as what they want to hear. Only a few years ago this Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination was raising money for President Bush. Fired from his NATO post by President Clinton for showboating in Bosnia, now he's snuggled into the Clinton boudoir as a left centrist Democrat, what ever the hell that really is. First he said he was for the war, then he said he was against the war in Iraq, and we don't really know his true feelings since he's not a member of Congress, so he didn't have to vote on it, like some of the other candidates stomping through the muck and mire after the Democratic nomination. Now Clark, the wizard of waffling, apparently armed with a Harry Potter wand, claims that he'll do more to keep the U.S. safe against terrorism than President Bush, but of course as usual he's not saying what he would do. He claims that the 9-11 attacks on America could have been prevented but doesn't say how. He said that future attacks are inevitable is a lie, but fails to tell us what he thinks the truth is, saying only that we are not going to have another incident like 9-11. And you know, that may be the case, but it's damn sure not anything Clark has done to prevent it. He must have been a decent military officer to make General, and I respect the uniform. I think he should put it back on, try to figure out who he really is, follow orders and shut up. He's way over his head as a civilian trying to pose as a presidential candidate, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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