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Friday 1/9/2004

Welcome to my world, where I have a few random thoughts today. First, our county attorney Rick Romley is not going for a 5th term, probably going after the Governor's job in 2006. I think he'd make a good Governor with only one drawback. He's too honest. Concerning the Mars photos we see every day in the papers, if we can send sharp photos from one hundred five million miles away, why doesn't your cell phone work from a mile away? Besides we can see the same stuff in Sedona. On televangelist Pat Robertson saying God told him Bush was going to win the election, I've got only one request for Pat. The next time you have a chat with God, could you get me a good set of lottery numbers? On Howard Dean suddenly out of nowhere announcing that Jesus was his role model. Sorry Howard, Bush got the jump on you there. Besides, Jesus' dad, God, already told Pat Robertson that Bush was going to win. Concerning President Bush backing a new immigration plan, the idea has it's good and bad points, but this horse is a long ways from the barn. There's going to be a lot of ugly debate before this one is actually law. My concern is that we don't enforce the old immigration laws, so what makes the politicians think the new ones will be enforced? And finally on the Loya Jirga agreeing on a government for Afghanistan. Yes, they will have a president, a constitution, and elections, but I don't think it's going to work very well since they made sure it would be an Islamic state. This means you've got government law and Islamic law, which will more than likely contradict each other, as we have seen so often in other Islamic states, especially Iran. The President will say one thing, the Mullahs will say another, and it's not long before someone straps on a bomb and the dominos start to fall again, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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