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Email about Sending Saddam to God

Tuesday 12/23/2003

Welcome to my world. I got a lot of email response to last Thursday's suggestion that we should send Saddam to God and let the deity deal with the despot. Jim writes: You nailed the Saddam Hussein quagmire on the head. I thought it was me thinking out loud. Jim, that's what I do in The World, think out loud, and thanks for your promise to never miss another commentary. Heather writes: You are always right on, especially today. Keep up the good work. Heather, I don't know how good the work is, but I will keep it up. J.B. writes: I must say how much I like to hear your comments on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I'm glad we have a President who believes in fighting back. J.B., fighting back is the answer. Look at what has been accomplished in less than two years. Osama hiding in a hole, the Taliban in tatters, Iraq free, with the Hussein brothers dead and Saddam dug out of his hole, not to mention the Syrians and Iranians running scared and one of the grand daddies of all terrorists, Moammar Gadhafi of Lybia throwing down his WMDs, basically begging the U.S. for mercy. J. Lima writes: I totally agree with you. Let's get Saddam to God already. I'm positive God will know how to handle him. Without a doubt J.L. And Steve writes: Even though I'm Catholic, I agree with your comments on the Vatican and their criticism of the capture of Saddam and their opposition to the death penalty. Liberal elitism has gotten into our church. The only thing you should have added is that at least half of the Catholics support the war and the death penalty in most cases, certainly for Hussein. Good point Steve. It does seem like the Vatican lately has not been representative of all Catholics. It's another example of why we should be very careful who we put in power whether it's church or state or whatever. The enemy is apathy, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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