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Illegals in California Protest

Friday 12/19/2003

Welcome to my world. We've got Hispanic hell raised in the Peoples Republic of California. You see Governor Schwarzenegger kept his promise to repeal the law signed by Gray Davis giving illegal, undocumented immigrants California driver's licenses. Last week they lit the fuse to a small explosion of protests, marching around East L.A. and San Jose, calling a statewide boycott of schools and businesses. The boycott, really not very effective, was intended to highlight the contribution of the state's Hispanics, and legal Hispanics have contributed. But, they are either on their way or Americans already. The marching illegals waved signs that read, in Spanish, yes we can, and we want licenses now. One official says the boycott is only the start, saying it's the awakening of a sleeping giant. Actually the giant has fewer than 600 people, but the left wing liberal media blew it out of proportion, which is pretty well the norm on slow days when they can't find groping movie stars in Los Angeles or San Francisco to write about. The bottom line here is that for the most part these protesters are not Americans with a beef. They are law breakers trying to ride the tide of a liberal sea, polluted with politically correct altruism. They should come here and earn citizenship before trying to exercise the American right to protest. We've got illegals marching all over the West raising all kinds of hell, flaunting the fact that they are here illegally, thumbing their noses at our rules, not bothering about citizenship or even our spoken language, demanding rights and privileges that are not theirs to demand. Is that a hard stance? No!! It's hard facts and it's our fault. Last Friday in California there were hundreds of law breaking people concentrated in small areas showing themselves off. So where was immigration enforcement? It was nowhere to be found, and that's wrong, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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