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More on Saddam Capture

Thursday 12/18/2003

Welcome to my world. I promise I'll get off of this item in My World, but there is more to say concerning the capture of Saddam Hussein. Now we've got one of his daughters who lives in Jordan, Raghad Saddam Hussein, making demands. She says the family demands a fair and legal trial in a world court and not a tribunal set up by the Iraqi Governing Council appointed by the U.S. occupier. Well honey, I don't think dear old Dad is going to face trial in a world court where they don't use the death penalty. The U.S. will not buy into jail time, probation and fines. Dear old Dad is going down and going down hard. Meanwhile, we've got the Vatican in Rome upset with the capture of Saddam Hussein saying it was cruel to show the tapes of the medic checking out Saddam's mouth, like a cow, being shown no respect. It's hard to say through all the rhetoric if they even want him brought to trial, but the church hierarchy is against an execution. Risking purgatory, I would talk about torture, but not even the inquisition tormentors were as cruel as Saddam. Apparently the churchmen didn't see the Fedayeen Saddam tapes, people's tongues being pulled out and cut off, beheadings, people thrown off buildings, hands hacked off. Apparently they didn't see the prisons and rape rooms or the mass graves filled with rotting Iraqi corpses. Apparently somehow they are confused about good and evil, when they are supposed to be the experts on such behavior. So let the Vatican weep and wail for mercy and forgiveness, that's their business. It's not for the U.S. or the Iraqis to absolve the bloody dictator of his sins. That's a job for God. The job all freedom loving, humane people have is to get him to God, so God can deal with him, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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