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Saddam Capture - What it means

Tuesday 12/16/2003

Welcome to my world. The capture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by American forces will do a lot of things and there are a few things that it won't do. It does not mean an end to the terrorist attacks on coalition and support personnel in Iraq or Afghanistan. We still have the Baathist Party deadenders, the foreign terrorists supporting Saddam, and Al Qaida to deal with in Iraq, and many of the same foreigners and leftover Taliban to deal with in Afghanistan. So the terrorist attacks on Americans will continue until we finally get enough of them to neutralize their effort. I think the capture of the murderous despot will soften the hard line anti-war Europeans, especially in France and Germany. Both of them have already paid lip service to President Bush, but that's only going to be short term. It won't be long before they have issues again, probably concerned with how and when Hussein faces justice. But it won't be as bad as it was before. The capture kind of painted the French, Germans, and Russians into a rather precarious corner. And with the presidential campaigning here at home the capture kind of changes the complexion of the Democratic race with more ammo for the other candidates to fire at the anti-war Dean-Gore coalition. Kerry and Clark can play soldier and do even more waffling again. Gephart will slide to the right of the center left, while Lieberman throws what could end up the dagger that destroys Dean, even if he gets the nomination, saying that if Howard Dean had his way Saddam Hussein would be in power today and not in prison. In other words, the Democratic issue just turned to cold tissue and they will be wiping it all over each other. And with the capture of Saddam coupled with the rising economy I'll let you figure out what it'll do for the Bush campaign. Not exactly rocket science, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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