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Saddam Hussein Captured

Monday 12/15/2003

Welcome to my world. Over the weekend the 4th Infantry Division led by a special ops team spread joy throughout most of the free world capturing former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Quick DNA testing proved it was indeed the Butcher of Baghdad. The Iraqi people are now truly free. He was caught in a hole in the ground barely large enough for one person. Armed, he didn't try to fight his way out like his sons, who lost their last gun battle. He gave up looking worn and tattered, like the rat he is, his weapon holstered. He was caught within eyesight of his palace near Tikrit where he would stand on the balcony firing shots in the air telling his oppressed people how badly the coalition forces would be beaten and butchered should they try to cross the border into his country. The fact that we got him alive gives me mixed emotions. It looks like he'll face a trial on Iraqi soil, probably before a recently approved war crimes tribunal where those judging him will either be intimidated or after revenge. It's all so new to them. Will they try to be world dimplomatic or will they do the right thing and put him before a firing squad? The one thing I don't want to see is this murdering despot caught up in the U.S. justice system. Another question is how valuable will he be as far as intelligence goes? Will he sing like a bird trying to swap mercy for information on WMDs that I think are in Syria? Or will he just continue to lie like he has done for so many years? A couple of more things. When President Bush announced the war on terrorists and those who harbor them, he said the pursuit would be relentless. It has been, and its worked. The pre-emptive strike agenda is much better than the normal American way of only reacting. Its just harder to sell to the naysayers. Think about it. If the world would have listened to Winston Churchill in the late 1930s and taken out Adolph Hitler there would never have been World War II. The coalition is listening to President Bush, with the message now sent to Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders around the world. We remember 9/11 and we will get you. And stay tuned, tomorrow we'll look at the diplomatic and political ramifications of the capture, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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