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Enforce Current Immigration Laws First

Tuesday 12/9/2003

Welcome to my world. Despite the so called crackdown on coyotes and human smugglers, law breakers continue to pour into Arizona over the Mexican border, bankrupting hospitals in Pima County and forcing taxpayers in Maricopa County to take care of them. It won't go away or slow down until our laws are enforced. Arizona Senator Jon Kyl has it figured out. He doesn't see how Congress can justify legalizing illegals until we start enforcing our current laws, referring to the notion of guest worker legislation. Kyl says if we are not enforcing our current immigration laws, why would we be any more likely to enforce the new laws, which has been my argument amongst others, all along. Kyl says immigrants should abide by the law. Anything less would undercut the sanctity of our laws and the value of being a citizen of the greatest nation on Earth. Kyl gets the backing of Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth, who has collected signatures from dozens of lawmakers on a letter urging President Bush to reject any and all forms of immigrant amnesty. He say Kyl makes a realistic assessment of our illegal immigration problem. Hayworth believes enacting a guest worker program would be putting the cart before the horse. I agree with both Kyl and Hayworth. A new law, just because an old one isn't being enforced, basically neglected, is an absurdity. I mean just because you have a hard time catching a bank robber, it makes no sense to make it easier to rob banks and get away with it. The liberal argument that we are all immigrants was trashed when the first baby was born as an American. It's a privilege to be an American and illegal aliens are not Americans and they are wearing out that non-existant welcome mat in one hell of a hurry, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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