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Court Tries to Undermine Anti-Terror Law

Monday 12/8/2003

Welcome to my world. It just never stops. Even after being turned over more times than a frozen pork chop, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco continues to legislate instead of litigate from the bench, trying to paint their left side liberalism all over the U.S. Constitution. It's always something with these liberal judges. It it's not God being un-constitutional, it's guns, or anything else the ACLU or other conservative hating entities can dish their way. Now they are ruling that a big part of our anti-terror law is unconstitutional, a law passed not during the Bush Administration, but passed in 1996, but finally used by Bush to go after terrorists and those who finance, train, and support the people who brought us 9-11, if these judges still remember 9-11. They have ruled that the part of the anti-terror law that prohibits financial assistance, training, or material support to terrorist groups is unconstitutional. Which if it sticks, would be a major blow to the Bush Administration's legal strategy in the war on terror. Even providing personnel to terrorist groups would be legal according to the court. So, how did they come upon this as we scratch our heads? They say the section of the law concerned with donations of personnel or training blurs the line on protected speech. They've got me on that one. I think their sad interpretation of the anti-terror law will be tossed. If not, they have simply kicked some of the teeth out of homeland security, opening another door for terrorists, actually the enemy, here in the U.S. Once again, as I have said many times, when the subject is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, that is not only wrong, but it's dangerous, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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