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The Dark Side of the UN is at it Again

Tuesday 12/2/2003

Welcome to my world. Here we go again. Another battle for the Bush Administration in the U.N. The U.S. will introduce a resolution that would endorse a U.S.-Iraqi pact that would culminate in a new ratified constitution and new elected government by the end of 2005. Hell, even Kofi Anonymuos likes the idea. But of course France, Germany, and Russia don't like it. Yes, the dark side of the U.N. force whacks away with it's light savers again. They say the resolution could sideline the U.N. and favor America's closest allies. And hopefully it would do exactly that. Why not sideline the people who refused to help free Iraq? They wouldn't get involved before the fact, why let them get involved now? The Russians have a plan that would end up allowing all foreign governments to decide the political future of Iraq. The French and Germans love the idea which, in my opinion, is absurd, with way too many cooks spoiling the lamb's eye stew. These people just can't stand to see America or the Bush Administration succeed in any way. It's always the same deal. No! Nein! Nyet! So let's get real. What's really going on here folks? Don't even think for one minute the French, Germans, or Russians really give a big rat's butt about a new government in Iraq. All three were doing serious business with Saddam Hussein and all three are owed a great deal of serious money by Hussein. That serious business and money could even, as I speak, be costing American lives. They opposed the war, thus opposing the regime change, because they didn't want to see their oil rich, golden goose killed. It's mind boggling that these countries who owe American's so much can have so little gratitude, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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