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Bush in Bagdad - Hillary at Bagram

Monday 12/1/2003

Welcome to my world. Well, we've got Thanksgiving down. Have you run out of turkey sandwiches yet? It was an interesting Thanksgiving for many of us, but none more eventful than the day our Commander in Chief, the President, had. He pulled off a Thanksgiving day surprise, showing up in Bagdad. Shocked troops went wild as the President appeared, packing a platter full of turkey, telling the startled troops he was just looking for a warm meal somewhere. George W. had given reporters, aides, as well as would be assasins, the slip with a secret departure from his Texas ranch disguising himself then flying to Iraq on an Air Force One flight hidden behind a non-presidential code. It was an incredible morale boost for our men and women in harm's way and here at home. But Bush was not the only official away from home on Thanksgiving. Why it's Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, the former first, actually second or third, lady, suddenly putting on her hawk makeup over her normal dovish Democratic demeanor. She sucks even more oxygen out of the Democrat's run for the White House, dining with soldiers at Bagram, Afghanistan. She warned Taliban rebels that they are fighting a losing battle, but stopped short of looking for the guy hubby Bill let slip away, Osama bin Laden. She hinted at promises that are not for a junior Senator to make and said "Washington is concerned about attacks on aide workers, Afghan government employees, and soldiers." What a revelation. Who would have suspected Washington would be concerned about that? Then again, we shouldn't be so hard on Hillary. Her book says she's had a tough time, and it was a good way to avoid Bill, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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