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So Much For Election Reform Laws

Monday 11/24/2003

Welcome to my world. Last week I talked about how soft, big money was going to be used by groups outside the political party boxes to get around our election reform laws. I talked about the Democrats setting up these groups to help guys like George Soros, a billionaire Bush hater, try to buy the White House, laundering soft money into the campaigning, letting these groups do the Bush bashing, where the candidates can't. These outside insiders are springing up every day, gathering more and more money. Now we've got the Republicans jumping on the same bandwagon, looking into setting up or funding similar out of party groups, claiming they are falling further behind every day in the soft money push, as the loophole in our supposed election reform law widens and another good intention starts falling by the wayside. The bottom line is that we are more than likely in for one of the most dispicable, disgusting, disrespectful, dirty, almost frightening campaigns for America's highest office, the President, in history. The election reform laws will be rendered more useless than boobs on men, as special interest, almost vigilante, gangs will attack the candidates, armed with millions of dollars worth of soft money, and the candidates will basically have no recourse until they call their vigilantes in. It's kind of like gang warfare, with the ammo for the weapons the print and electronic media. I'm just hoping that the American public can avoid the brainwashing tactics from both parties and make a rational, responsible decision when it's time to go to the polls and elect, or re-elect a Commander in Chief, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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