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What About Shoshana Johnson

Thursday 11/20/2003

Welcome to my world. As America's feel bad to feel good story, the Jessica Lynch saga continues to splash across the U.S. We've got the black community a little upset. What about Shoshana Johnson? And they are correct. What about Army Specialist Johnson? She belonged to the same 507th Maintenance Company as Lynch, but unlike Lynch, she fought to stave off her Iraqi captors, and like Lynch, she sustained very serious injuries. The black community suspects a racial double standard, a suspicion reinforced when it was revealed that Johnson, who was shot in both ankles and tortured, will get only 30% of her monthly pay in disability benefits, with Lynch getting 80% for her injuries. Even Lynch is on Shoshana Johnson's side, saying she should get 100% disability. Then again, it's easy to be magnanimous when you're getting millions for interviews, books, and movie rights. The disability is chump change to Lynch, but important to Johnson, who has been for the most part ignored by the media. I've only seen one picture in print of Johnson since her recovery. The N.A.A.C.P. says there appears to be unequal treatment between the two ex POWs. Certainly there has been unequal treatment by the liberal media, and that's a bit mind boggling since they normally jump on political correctness and diversity with every opportunity. And usually I'm quick to point that out. This time however, I'm pointing out an even worse hypocrisy. I don't believe the Lynch-Johnson situation is racist or racially motivated, but I do believe it's wrong, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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