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Be Careful Where You Click

Wednesday 11/19/2003

Welcome to my world. Not so long ago, when visiting a honky tonk or a seedy, less than sophisticated haunt, one might hear the old pick up line, "What's a nice guy, or gal, like you doing in a place like this?" Now, through salacious cyber sites, a good voyeur doesn't have to leave the computer screens to visit places teeming with seedy material. Hell, you can even eavesdrop on spicy stuff in the privacy of your own desk or cubicle, but beware, big brother or big sister could be watching you, watching the wicked wayward ways of the dark side of the web. The City Attorney for the 3rd largest city in the valley, Glendale, is being investigated. No, not by Sheriff Joe and his hooker horde, but by his boss, her Honor the Mayor. The attorney is suspected of using the city's network and computer to wallow through websites featuring nudists, naked celebs, and cyber sex. Internet filters blocked about 85% of the attempts, over 169 sites, made from the city attorney's computer, a city issued machine, between September 12th and September 30th, some during the middle of the day, some at night, as late as midnight. This guy had an appetite for monitor stimulus. A routine sweep of the city's network uncloaked the repeated attempts to access pornographic sites by the City Attorney. So far, I haven't been able to find out much more about the situation other than there's an investigation, but let me take this opportunity to address some of my colleagues, maybe even just down the hall. It might be a good idea to be careful where you click these days. You see, you only think you are alone, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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