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Long Ago In A Land Called Arizona

Wednesday 11/12/2003

Welcome to my world. A long time ago in a land called Arizona, a green truck or bus would send illegal aliens scattering in all directions. "Immigre. Immigre." They would be gone, on the lam, knowing they had broken the law and if caught they would be detained and deported. Now, after a series of hard Mexican regimes and soft liberal administrators in the U.S., it's just a walk in the park or a ride with a coyote, and these people actually believe they are Americans. Well they aren't. Millions of our tax dollars are going out for a crackdown on illegal alien smugglers. We have special task forces and teams getting ready to do the job that has been theirs all along. They just didn't do it, or couldn't do it, hamstrung by red tape and partisan politics. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear it's too little too late. You see, it's one thing to pursue the purveyors of illicit, illegal activities. You'll never catch them all. But it's another thing to stop the people who avail themselves of the services of these criminals. I mean, if it wasn't for "johns" there wouldn't be pimps or hookers. If people didn't do illegal drugs, there would be no drug smugglers. And if the Mexican Government and our liberal western governors, like Davis and Napolitano, would quit allowing and even encouraging this illegal immigration, letting the Mexican people know that they will be dealt with seriously for breaking U.S. law, there would not be any coyotes, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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