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Zell Miller Review For Doubting Caller

Friday 11/7/2003

Welcome to my world. I have a message for the caller reacting to Monday's world, where I reviewed Democrat Zell Miller's book that outlined the decay of the modern Democratic Party. No, I did not misinterpret the book to promote Republicans. Get your head out of the sand. Get out of denial. Senator Miller, a life long respected Democrat from Georgia, decided to be an American first. So if you think the book was not properly portrayed to you, how about the article, "George Bush Versus The Naive Nine", published in Monday's Wall Street Journal? If you would have used your name, I would send you a copy. The article is bylined, Zell Miller, as in Democratic Senator Zell Miller. Here are some quotes: He writes, "If I live and breathe, and if Hank Williams used to say, if the creek don't rise, in 2004, this Democrat will do something I didn't do in 2000. I will vote for George W. Bush for President." Miller writes, "That's a pretty big mouthful coming from a life long Democrat who first voted for Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and has voted for every Democratic candidate the 12 cycles since then." He supports Bush on the war, seeing a little Winston Churchill in "W", and backed the tax cuts. Miller writes, "I looked hard at the other choices and what I saw was Democratic candidates who want to be president in the worst way, running for the office in the worst way." He calls them the Naive-9, saying they have managed to combine the worst feature of the McGovern campaign, "The President is a liar, and Peace at any cost", with the worst of the Mondale campaign, "Watch your wallet were going to raise your taxes." McGovern carried one state in 1972, Mondale carried one state in 1984. Not exactly role models to get elected or run a country. Miller writes, my choice for President was an easy decision, and my own party's candidates made it even easier. So Mr. anonymous, rude caller, I would suggest you freshen up the information in your world before you try to attack mine, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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