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Israel Sends Illegals Back Home

Tuesday 11/04/2003

Welcome to my world. Whether you call them undocumented workers, or illegal immigrants, or aliens, they still are breaking U.S. immigration laws and have become a major problem for national security and the economy. The biggest thorn in America's side is Mexico. Last week their President Fox hit a brick wall when talks with Secretary of State Powell went nowhere. Powell told them the administration would not push any major immigration legislation through Congress next year. Meanwhile there is a bill in the mill on Capitol Hill, to pressure local and state law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens so the INS can send them home. This enforcement would be tough around here, where our local constabulary often turns a deaf ear and blind eye to illegals. And how about the effect on our economy? The myth that these illegal aliens help our economy is just that. The Inter-American Development Bank reports 18% of Mexico's entire population is supported by illegals, who send 14.5 billion American dollars over the border to be spent in Mexico every year. Now how the hell can that help our economy? I'm starting to agree with the Isralis when it comes to illegal immigration. Their problem is with Chinese and African illegals whose work visas have expired or were never issued. About 75% of their immigrant workers are illegal. Noting that the Israeli unemployment rate is at 11% and rising, the government is forcing job openings with the immigration police, rounding up and deporting 22,000 illegals, with another 46,000 leaving when they saw the handwriting on the wall in the past year. When you look at per capita figures, that would be like sending a couple of million illegals back over the Mexican border. The Israelis simply refuse to play the liberal PC game that we play. Oh yes, you can weep and wail all you want bleeding hearts, but illegal will still be illegal and it's still breaking U.S. law, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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