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Tape of Fedayeen Torture in Iraq

Friday 10/31/2003

Welcome to my world. My friends, due to the nature of this edition of My World, I would ask that sensitive children not be allowed to listen for a few minutes. For those of you opposed to the war in Iraq, those of you who think we are wasting our time, lives and resources, another example of why Iraqi freedom is not only necessary but imperative, has been released by the Pentagon. It's a 23 minute tape showing Saddam's Fedayeen murdering civilians in the most cruel ways, in public. The black clad Fedayeen are shown throwing men to their deaths off buildings. You see them struggle to hang on for their lives as the Fedayeen hacks at their hands until they drop, their bodies dragged away to make room for the next victim to be dropped. The tape shows a man with his tongue being sawed out of his mouth. It shows another man with his arm held down while they hack off his hand. It shows a man with his head partially cut off then the rest sawed away from his body as he screamed. The tape showed beatings and head breaking bludgeoning with clubs, all of it in a town square, as Iraqi women and children were forced to watch the carnage. I have been unfortunate enough to see attrocities, but never as cruel as these. It's one thing to see the mass graves that the Saddam Hussein regime left behind, but it's another to watch the horrors as they happen. The tape, as far as I'm concerned, is just another reason to get behind our Commander in Chief and stay the course in Iraq. If we don't, it won't be long before these monsters from the Fedayeen and the Baath Party will be right back at it, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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