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What to do about Nathaniel

Tuesday 10/21/2003

Welcome to my world, where it's what to do, what to do, about 20 year old Nathaniel Heatwole, a college student from North Carolina, who totally outfoxed the T.S.A. Most of you know the story from last Thursday, of how he warned the T.S.A. he was going to do it, then somehow planted playdough boxcutters and other items in the water closets of two Southwest airliners. 7 thousand aircraft were searched for either real or lookalike weapons. He even left notes advising that the items were intended to expose flaws in airport security. The F.B.I. got him through an email he sent to the T.S.A. last month telling them exactly what he was going to do. To answer the question, as far as what to do about Nathaniel, I think they should give him a job, making him work for the T.S.A. in kind of a work release program, since he did break the law. Either that or just make him the head of the T.S.A. The bottom line is that no security system is infallible. It's going to leak. I like the Israeli approach to airport and aircraft security. While the T.S.A. looks for trinkets, the Israelis look for terrorists. Oh my God!! They profile!! H.G. that is so un-P.C. Such bigotry. You must not think that terrorists might commit terrorism. Your nail clippers, lighter, and Navy ring are much more dangerous than a twenty five to thirty year old Muslim with a forged passport, your cousin's social security number, and an Al Qaida credit card. Folks, what I'm saying is, we have to get real about our airport security. The T.S.A. is trying and it is a necessary deterrent, but they are going to have to get smarter and better at what they do before our friendly skies are once again truly friendly, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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