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Random Thoughts Immigrants and Kennedy

Friday 10/17/2003

Welcome to my world, where I have more infamous random thoughts today. Our left wing liberal morning paper, El Republico, always goes out of it's way to promote illegal immigrants, but yesterday was the capper. Headline: 205 Immigrants Die Hard Lonely Death. It was five full front section pages of heartbreaking, gut wrenching items, not only justifying illegal immigration, but sanctifying it as well. They included names, dates, even pictures. Now don't get me wrong amigos. I don't like to see people get dead, but I don't like to be sent on a guilt trip by the press either. These people died breaking U.S. law. It was their choice to risk it. Once here, they get a lot better treatment than our homeless American citizens, many of them Veterans, who are also dying, but in the streets of America.

My next thought concerns Ted Kennedy's unbelievable trash attack, his second on President Bush, in the Senate. He repeated his acid remarks, calling our Commander in Chief a liar, saying the war was a fraud trumped up in Texas and that our trumped up reasons for being in Iraq have collapsed. He says continuing would be senseless and reckless. He said a lot more, but it's pretty typical liberal rhetoric, pithy comments that can be heard during any Democratic presidential debate. I wonder if Kennedy and the candidates are feeling lonely now that even the U.N. is going along with the President concerning Iraq. Yesterday they passed the Bush resolution, creating a multinational force in Iraq under U.S. leadership. Even Kofi Anonymous was happy with the deal that crafts a constitution and free elections and eases some of the financial burdens of rebuilding Iraq. Hell, even the Russians, Chinese, Syrians, Germans, and voila, the French were on board backing the Bush Administration. Now if we could only get the liberal left politicians and press in America on board, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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