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Politicians Misuse WMD Report

Thursday 10/16/2003

Welcome to my world, where I watch the Democratic presidential wanna-be's and liberal congressional folk continue their shock and awe assault on the Bush administration over the war in Iraq. One of their latest salvos uses the recent report from weapons hunter David Kay as their ammo. Excuse me folks, but not only are they seriously premature, but apparently they didn't check out the report very carefully. The infrastructure for weapons of mass destruction has been found, and they are finding more and more of it. WMDs are very hard to store, but the means to manufacture them is not. Basically you can whip 'em out when needed. That is a Saddam Hussein pattern. The WMDs in storage are probably hidden amid miles and miles of more conventional weapons. Finding them will be a long, hard task for Kay and his small band of hunters. Think about it. They must go through at least 130 known Saddam munitions facilities, many of them at least twice the size of Manhattan. Tons and tons of artillery shells, rockets, bombs, and other ordinance, with maybe unmarked cannisters of chemical weapons in the mix. Of the 130 areas, each larger than Tempe and Mesa combined, Kay's team has only been able to look at 10. This could take a very long time, well past next year's presidential election. Besides, even before the days of the U.N.'s blind inspector Hans Blix, the U.N. had found enough violations of Resolution 1441 to disarm Hussein by force. It's just that when push came to shove, they wouldn't enforce their own resolutions. The U.S. led coalition, with the blessing of many politicians who are now stomping around on the stump acting like a bunch of Vietnam era hippies and flower children, did what the U.N. wouldn't. The timing is bad, when you think of our American fighting men and women in harms way to secure Iraqi freedom. Their task is even tougher when these politicians and their pets in the liberal press work against them, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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