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Built in Mexico - Bought in America

Monday 10/13/2003

Welcome to my world, where the other day on my way home from the golf course, I had to stop to get a tire fixed. While waiting, I went out for a smoke, wandering over to a nearby car wash. A tall Anglo car washer, out of place amid the Hispanic workers, approached me. "Got a light?" "Sure." Noticing my golf togs he asked, "Shoot a good round?" "It was okay" He went on, "I used to play at home." "Where's home?" "Michigan. I was laid off at the plant and moved here." The man, a card carrying United Auto Workers Union member, was washing cars for tips and minimum wage, in an environment where he actually had a language problem with his co-workers. We agreed that sucked, and went our separate ways. On the way home I remembered a recent AP story that said the Ford Motor Company will invest 1.6 billion dollars to expand it's assembly plant in Sonora, Mexico. They will build their new Futura model in Hermosillo, creating about 5,000 jobs for Mexicans. Several U.S. plants were vying to produce the vehicle, but Ford opted for Mexico. The Mexican Economy Department called it a great show of confidence in the stability and solidity of Mexico's economy. Well amigo, if it's so stable and solid, why do your people risk death just to get the hell out of there and find even very low paying jobs in the U.S.? I think old Henry Ford, the man who built the car for all Americans, the Model A, just turned over in his grave. I know where my car was built, right here in the U.S. of A. We keep hearing the slogan "Buy American", which would be nice if it was "Built American" and the money would stay right here, in America. Yes, we've got an illegal immigration problem, and the politicians are all over it. But we also have an American unemployment problem, and part of that problem is mega-corporations and politicians who preach one sermon and live another, as I see it ... I'm H.G. Listiak.

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